“ Theresa saved our daughter! She was adopted from China at the age of 2 and with all of her issues, including cleft lip and palate, the most she could do was "grunt." She had already gone through several speech therapists who more or less threw up their hands dealing with her little personality! Along comes Theresa and she was able to do amazing things for our Ellie! She has a real knack dealing with children, going out her way to help children in so many ways. I trust her immensely working with my children --- she really cares for these kids!.

The Birge Family”

“ Very happy to have Theresa's expertise in working with my daughter. She works wonders through fun, play-based activities which drastically improved my daughter's articulation and voice quality. Having multiple anatomical concerns, such as a sub mucosal cleft palate and low muscle tone associated with a chromosomal condition, we were thrilled to see lasting results from an expierenced and caring SLP

Mindy ”

“ We were moving in 10 weeks and came just for an evaluation. After spending an hour with Theresa, I knew my son needed to have as many therapy sessions with her as possible before our move. He made gains in a very short time and we moved armed with specific recommendations for our next therapist.

Holly M.”

“ Finding Theresa was like finding gold in the creek. She saw my son, who has 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, for 3 years, starting at age 3. He has a very quiet voice, so articulation was very important. Friends, neighbors and school staff are all able to understand everything he says. Theresa saw beyond the articulation issues of speech and provided support for core language and processing issues. I highly recommend Theresa to my friends and colleagues.

Karen Blackmon”

We were so grateful for Theresa's expertise with our son. Her specialty working with cleft affected children combined with her great lesson plans, activities and advice have been perfect! We highly recommend her for individual and group therapy. Theresa even managed to help us in meeting with other adopted children and families! We feel lucky to have found both Theresa and the Rose Cleft Team.

The Kibler Family”

“ There is no one who understands the issues relating to speech therapy -- both physically and emotionally -- more than Theresa Snelling. Her ability to connect with children and parents alike is invaluable. She brings an expertise to the area of Cleft Lip/Palate that bridges together the medical personnel and the patients/families that gives such a clear perspective and peace of mind. I look back over the 15 years of my son's life and know that a pivotal person for helping him feeling good about himself and gaining the confidence to speak his mind was Theresa!

Geri R.”

“ Our 3 1/2 year old son, Will, has been seeing Theresa on a weekly basis for almost a year. We are amazed at the incredible progress that he has made. Will loves going to therapy; it is something that he looks forward to each and every week! Not only is Theresa extremely skilled and knowledgable in this area, but she is also so supportive, encouraging and dedicated to our entire family, as we go through this journey. Theresa has been an invaluable resource to us and we can't imagine entrusting anyone else with Will's speech therapy!

The Debrovner Family”

“ Their office is very friendly and welcoming. My child was excited to go and see what new toys he could play with.

Amy W.”

“ My son was born with a deep cleft lip and palate. Selecting Theresa Snelling as his speech therapist put us on the right track. She went above and beyond my expectations. Both with her expert speech therapy techniques and her experienced recommendations concerning the best medical and dental providers for his case.... I could not be happier with the results.... In my experience, You should absolutely work with Theresa Snelling to ensure your child's speech development reaches its potential.

Steve Mazzarella”

“ Innovative, Dynamic, Creative, Loving, Persistent. Team Theresa and Sarah have always gone above and beyond for Megin and our family. They have carried us through the early years of hoping that speech and language were just around the corner, to our current journey of the world of assistive technology. Truly all-encompassing in their treatment every step of the way. Always very collaborative with the school system. I know we wouldn't be where we are were it not for Theresa and Sarah. Our family will be forever thankful!!!

Sue McElroy”